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  • Anthony J. Mungin

Stephen A. Smith becomes Public Enemy #1

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

The most toxic, despicable, race hating, self-aggrandizing traitor who just so happens to be black!

When white people mouth something rash and racially offensive towards blacks, the initial blunt force trauma we feel is quite debilitating. Our minds go through its own reactionary process: we try to confirm whether we've just heard what we thought we heard; and further authenticate if the communicator actually meant exactly what we thought he meant.

At some point, we attempt to brush it off, tell ourselves it is typically the nature of white people to mouth off insensitive things about black people. Our overly compassionate minds engage itself into this weird little quirk where we ask ourselves if the loudmouth, should be given the benefit of the doubt. As an afterthought, we wonder if we are overreacting, reading into things, inserting our own meanings where maybe they shouldn’t be inserted.

Then at last, we arrive at that moment of clarity where we declare, “Damn straight that Son-of-a-Bitch meant it just the way we interpreted it.”

Usually, we wait a spell for white people to cast the first rebuke. Of course, they would rather be the first to crucify one of their own, believing no white man should be subjected to being scolded by blacks. Maybe too they fear the brutality of black people’s wrath. Truth be told, blacks are an excessively forgiving group of people, rarely displaying their ire.

Obligingly, we wait for the quick fix: the distancing, slew of terminations, and all the bad actor's endorsements to be discontinued. Only then are we temporarily made whole. Even though, in the back of our minds we know a new white establishment will re-employ the loudmouth perpetrator sooner or later—white people tend to have short attention spans concerning their kind’s transgressions. In any case, that’s usually how all-things racially motivated proliferates in the world of black victimization.

But it’s quite hard to go through a similar process when we hear the same insensitive, stupid, asinine racial comments coming from one our own. That’s right, Steven A. Smith! The infamous American TV personality, sports radio host, sports journalist, commentator of ESPN's First Take.

A black man ("so called") himself telling Penny Hardaway a former NBA star athlete—turned college coach—to check himself in front of white people. I believe his exact words were: “You cannot be a black man in that position and lose your cool.”

Well, why the fuck not, Steven A? White people do it all the time and usually with little to no consequences.

Hearing this nonsense made me wonder, does this laughingstock commentator know he just set us [the black race] back a few hundred years? Did he not know, he just gave white people more ammunition in their arsenal against us? In essence, he just said to millions of white people, we [blacks]are inferior to you.

When have you ever heard a white man say to another white man, “You cannot be a white man in that position and lose your cool?” The answer is almost never!

Is Smith that unaware of how many white college and NBA coaches have lost their cool on national TV? What about the NFL? Just ask former coach Bob Knight who singled out a player, yelling, “[You will] end up like all the rest of the niggers in Chicago including [your] brothers!” John Gruden who recently just compared a black man's lips to Michelin tires. Bruce Arains who allegedly made a swiping movement to his neck and told star wide receiver Antonio Brown “You’re cut. Get the fuck outta here!” Blue Jays head coach, Greg McDermott who said, “I can't have anybody [leaving] the plantation.”

Obviously, no good can come from such black-on-black character assignation. No doubt, Smith just endorsed every nonsensical characteristic that whites have irresponsibility assigned to blacks, every undeserved stereotype they have managed to level, and fed into every angry-black- man epithet whites have spewed throughout decades and centuries.

Well, less I mistakenly give the race-traitor loudmouth any more time than he deserves, here’s a final response to Mr. Steven A. You do not get a pass for being a black man, nor for sticking your foot in your mouth or for being a disgraceful buffoon. And certainly, warrant no kudos for speaking with a white man’s voice.

Atonement is required! Reclaim that loss piece of your soul, make amends, apologize to a race you have undeservingly offended. But whatever path you chose, know that there are tons of black people who are no longer buying into the inflammatory notion that they have to be better, or be something other than who they are or bite their tongues just to fit into a white-driven society that will not have them anyway. There is not now, nor have ever been anything wrong with our race or beliefs. Whether or not you chose to police your own repugnant soul, be advised that as for blacks, we will not be fixing what’s not broken.

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