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  • Anthony J. Mungin

Hilton Halts Black Kids' Dip in the Pool

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Known for her divisive ways and for ratting out innocent blacks to the cops, "Karen" strikes again. This time, she's armed and dangerous!

Sunday, June 26, 2020. The Williamston Police Department was called on an African American woman who was lodging at the Hampton Inn hotel in Williamston, North Carolina. Missy Williams-Wright was chaperoning her two children while they swam in the hotel’s pool.

She was approached by a hotel staffer demanding that she vacate the pool and the hotel premise. Upon her refusal, the hotel employee (a white woman), our latest version of “Karen”, called the cops. According to Ms. Williams-Wright, there were white guests in and around the pool. However, they were not asked to leave. It is conceivable Ms. Williams-Wright believed she was being discriminated against for, “Swimming While Black”.

To the best of our knowledge, Missy Williams-Wright hadn't committed a crime or posed a threat of any kind. As a paying customer, she had just as much right to be at that hotel, and in that pool as any other hotel guest. What is more, sources tell us Williams-Wright was there on company business which she herself stated a few or more times. Alas, her status as an upstanding, law-abiding, gainfully employed citizen did not win her any points with “Karen”, Hilton, or the cops.

Black people are quite familiar with Karen-like situations aren’t they? Having endured the likes of Coupon Carl, BBQ Becky, Permit Patty, Pool Patrol Paula and so many other snitches, blacks are accustomed to the simple things in life being withheld. Worst more, they have become acclimated to such instances leading to death sentences which our nation’s corrupt cops seem eager to carry out!

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, a number of corporations pledged an oath against summoning the cops on black patrons, fearing the outcome of such reckless abandon. Evidently, Hampton Inn's xenophobic employee could care less about how her rash actions might have led to the loss of another innocent life.

We’ve also deliberated about why, instead of hassling a black woman, the two Williamston cops failed to diffuse the situation. It seemed all that was required was a simple verification of the woman's itinerary with a more level-headed hotel staff member—if such existed. And then, leaving the black guest alone once she was confirmed. But wouldn’t that be too much like right? Far be it from cops who despise the color of black people's skin to forego an opportunity to badger them further. Even to the point of running a blameless women's license plates like she was a known fugitive on the run.

Conveniently, upon confirming Ms. Williams-Wright was no squatter, cops provided no apology. Nor did they provide a staunch warning to the hotel staff—whose identity remains anonymous—that in the future, such erroneous calls could lead to her own arrest. A number of states have either passed or are considering passing laws making it a crime to place racially motivated 9-1-1 calls.

But it seems that universally, cops are emboldened by frivolous calls from Coupon Carl, BBQ Becky, Permit Patty, Pool Patrol Paula and now, “Karen”. The silent truth may lie in the fact that cops are well-bonded with these self-appointed informants and are desperate for them to keep their itchy fingers on the speed-dial.

Looking back over the past month, particularly, upon the unprecedented number of white people claiming they stand with black people; professing black lives matter; and demanding that we "defund the police," it is somewhat scaring to see this brisk about face. Another sign that it was all too good to be true.

But what of this white employee's boss? Did Christopher Nassetta, the owner of Hampton by Hilton not hear Mahmoud Abumayyaleh, owner of Cup Food say, “We will no longer call the cops on black people because doing so often leads to deadly consequences.” What followed was Abumayyaleh's sincere admission that likely, George Floyd would be alive today were he there to prevent the bogus telephone call.

Why, as of the date of this incident, hadn't Nassetta implemented similar policies that could prevent another George Floyd? In fact, we know this is not the first time one of his hotels have faced backlash about its premature calls to law enforcement. On December 27, 2018, a black hotel guest, Jermaine Massey, was asked to leave another Hilton-owned hotel. Law enforcement was called when Massey refused to vacate the Doubletree in Portland Oregon. It was later determined Massey had paid for lodging and was entitled to all the rights of a legitimate hotel guest.

In a mea culpa move, Hilton apologized, terminated staff and the hotel security, and promised the miscarriage of justice would never happen again. Well, it did happen again and sadly, the racial profiling of a black person was repeated.

THISJUSTIN.NET reached out to Nassetta, whose team promised to give their side of the story but defaulted. A call promised by Yair Molina (Hampton Inn's General Manager), never came. Given Hilton's controversial history, this reneging seems par for the course. Much like vilified black men and women being denied their hotel stay and all of the accompanying amenities for which they paid.

Ever wonder why so many blacks are unenthused by this new wave of solidarity; and, why many others are not falling for the hype? Often times, it seems the same folks decrying the overzealous actions of the police are the ones summoning them upon black folks. Not four weeks shy of deaths, melees, and uprisings, here we are again faced with the same type oppression and blatant disregard for black humanity.

How many prejudicial employees have to be fired; how many letters of apologies have to be written; and how many black people legitimately lodging at Hampton by Hilton or swimming in its pool must have their lives threatened before "privileged" white people get the message that black lives matter and such wrongful deeds will only lead to the undoing of us all?

No doubt, systemic racism runs deep to the core and unquestionably, change will not happen overnight. But if a white woman in rural North Carolina could not see her blatant, undeserved oppression of a black woman and a corporate giant remains oblivious to the need for restricting unwarranted calls to the police, we are doomed to repeat this vicious circle.

With the rushed summoning of cops and the use of scathing words, “Its always people like you using the pool unauthorized," it is obvious that neither Hilton or white America have even begun to see the errors of their ways. Alas, they have not embraced the change they so eloquently speak of, nor have they taken the first step at stamping out systemic racism.

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