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  • Anthony J. Mungin

Twitter Crosses Tweeted Line

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

The fishy things that no one ever told you about Twitter.

Anthony Mungin is the Editor-in-Chief of, an online blog. Mr. Mungin was recently interviewed about contradictions between corporations pledging to support Black Lives Matter and their actual commitment to the cause. Twitter, a micro-blogging system which allows account holders to send and receive short posts called tweets, was among the corporations whose motives were called into question.

Mr. Mungin relayed recent challenges involving his personal Twitter account. “My account was abruptly terminated without cause,” he stated. “And strangely, Twitter refused to address the issue.”

Ironically, this termination was discovered when contributors to attempted to respond to a blisteringly racist rant posted on Twitter by a Houston police officer. Mr. Mungin believes that the timing of these attempted responses and the account's termination was no coincident. He went further to express that instead of embracing African Americans during these perilous times, Twitter appears to be engaged in a bold move to silence the black voice. reached out to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and other members of his team.

Matt Derella, a Twitter stockholder and the Vice President of Global Customers provided the following cryptic response.

“Hello, Juneteenth is a company holiday and my family and I are celebrating. You can learn more about Juneteenth here: Hope you and yours are healthy and well. #BLM Best, Matt." has since learned that Mr. Derella is not himself an African American. He is believed to be of Hispanic descent. Which suggests he is hardly suitable to the task of enlightening black people about the significance of holidays commemorating their release from bondage.

While race and ethnicity does not forestall anyone’s participation in the black struggle, Derella’s subtle and condescending attempt at lecturing those victimized by racism calls into question his fitness—or lack there of—for the lead role of spokesman about black struggles or even the championing black people's cause.

One can only hope that, had Twitter known the race and ethnicity of the person being scolded and so-called educated, the tone and tenor of Derella’s delivery would have been different. Plainly speaking, he is incapable of knowing more than blacks about their longsuffering.

Recognizably, black people could benefit from genuine partners and authentic organizations in this fight. But they need them as foot soldiers and not tricksters or pontificators who deceptively act as if they have felt black people's pain. Who, more than African Americans, know about black lives mattering. Or for that matter, not mattering?

After-all, blacks have lived a lifetime in their respective skins and have borne visible stripes of over 400 years of oppression to prove their astuteness out-matches non-African Americans. We seriously doubt that either Twitter or Derella, can attest to the same. Shockingly, these are the types of disreputable deeds that bring about skepticism about the genuineness of corporations like Twitter.

Who, despite the seriousness of the moment, appear to be exploiting blacks and using their afflictions as just another publicity stunt. Either Twitter is seeking to capitalize or trying to get out in front of some of its anti-black sentiments. Which brings to mind a few unsavory allegations surfacing about Twitter.

  • It appears Twitter’s blogging systems are purposefully designed to identify language that is used to target marginalized populations (African Americans) online.

  • Seemingly, Twitter lashes out when prominent black voices are vocal about the less-than-stellar experiences of black people in America.

  • Twitter has dropped the ball in so far as allowing racists and bigots to use its platform to stir up unrest.

Black Americans do not need corporations with ulterior motives clogging up the airways with counterfeit messages or empty promises they have no intentions of living up to once the memories of the bloodshed fades. As a side note, recently learned that Twitter has purportedly pledged 3 million dollars in donations to an anti-racism organization started by Colin Kaepernick. It begs the question, who is tracking this donation or confirming whether it ever reached its source? Sorrowfully, we may never know.

Mr. Mungin had one final thought for Twitter and like-minded corporations who seek to manipulate black people, sully the movement, and/or profit from ill-gotten gains. “Black people are not pons in your game; we are not petty little beings for whom you can cast lots; or a commodity you can barter for trade.“

We are innovative, productive members of society and major contributors to the human race who hold firmly to the axiom, “You shall reap what you sow.” Dare not test black people's resolve!

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