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  • Anthony J. Mungin

The Truth About Black America's Most Dangerous Killer

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

The deranged transition of power and superiority!

All of the stakeholders from police-to-police unions, from judges to district attorneys and even jurors are all apparently in collusion—ostensibly taking an “all-in” approach towards the undoing of America’s black citizen. The scores of cover-ups are also not to be dismissed: drugs planted in communities of color, stall tactics, fearmongering, stacked juries, omitted DNA, double standards, hypocrisy, prosecutorial misconduct, racist judge/prosecutor relations and so on. These factors alone create a culture of institutional corruption that threatens black people's fundamental right—the human dignity of each person to equal justice under the law.

In the wake of Brown’s murder, District Attorney Andrew Womble took the position that portions of cop's body-cam videos were “off limits.” He emphatically refused to publicize the entire footage, citing that state law disallowed making it public. If this withholding of public information isn’t a classic fly in the face of transparency and a definitive obstruction of black people’s justice, I do not know what is.

Evidently, North Carolina’s Criminal Justice System answers to no one! Alas, it is given carte blanche to deny black families their rights, even those comprising their solemn right to closure.

No less devastating were the depths to which a district attorney would sink in covering the tracks of those culpable in Browns's murder. That is, blatantly lying to the public, asserting an unfounded fear of Brown using his vehicle as a lethal weapon. Leaving scratching heads to wonder what threat an unarmed black man, shot thirteen times, speeding away, could possibly pose.

Among the most glaring aspects of this murder was the appearance that officers involved exhibited this arrogant persona that a black man had absolutely no right to prevent cops from carrying out his death sentence. Intimating the stiff penalty for interference: You run; we shoot; you die!

Real-talk! Black America is hip to the deal. Unmistakably, this outdated rhetoric of safeguarding whites from blacks and cops fearing for their lives, is a ruse. If anyone was ever in doubt, the January 6, 2021, capital invasion exposed the deception for what it truly was.

The whole world saw firsthand the emergence of the deadliest animal on the planet.

We’ve also witnessed the epidemic of worldwide shootings and massacres (Colorado, Arizona, Sandy Hook, El Paso, Dayton, Charleston, among others), which has set the population of white-on-white homicide a new high and sadly claimed far too many innocent black lives. Derek Chauvin’s 2017 knee to the neck of a 14-year-old and 2020 knee on George Floyd’s neck for almost 9 minutes, demonstrated exactly who poses the greatest threat. The series of nonsense murders of blacks in the week of Chauvin’s conviction made it crystal clear who we should dread. Add-in the fatal deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Philando Castile, Walter Scott, John Crawford III, Tamir Rice, Breonna Taylor, Botham Jean, Dante Wright—names on the roll, too many to call.

Equally despicable are the lengths to which the US perpetuates the big lies! That only a few cops are bad. That, the “alarming” rate of black crime justify the high rate of black deaths. That, black-on-black crimes supersedes white-on-white crimes.

That, law-abiding minorities, nationwide, are begging for more police officers and stricter enforcement of laws. I doubt seriously they are begging to see another innocent, unarmed black man murdered before their eyes.

Here are some little-known facts Black America's most dangerous killer should know! African Americans have had it with this privileged race twisting its color-averse, idiosyncratic loathing into some horrendous lie. Worn-out by the orchestrators of our execution having so much say in whether we get justice. Incensed about a system that has the audacity to demand black people act like they got good sense. In the wake of yet another brutal, unjustified murder by sadistic cops, who clearly do not act like they have any sense.

Black persecution is deeply rooted in white America’s psyche. The agony we’ve endured are due in large part to a longstanding, twisted, diffidence, dating all the way back to our captivity. The generational proliferation of the black man’s “so-called” predatory” nature has been recklessly used to justify brutality and violence against Black individuals, communities, and continents. Correspondingly, blacks have been subjected to a white-held phobia that blacks would one day rise up and inflict vengeance. Right! As if, we’ve been hiding around in bushes for ages and centuries awaiting the opportune time to strike.

Lastly, the defense mechanism which causes whites to falsely project onto blacks the undesirable traits they refuse to acknowledge within themselves. Preferring instead to broadcast daily the imagery of Black men as dangerously criminal, using and dealing drugs, hypersexual, unemployable—the epitome of ruin!

These are their choicest counterattacks against a profile reflecting steadfast humanity, kind natured-ness, nobility, law-abidingness, and an endless struggle not to reciprocate racism. Their best-known antidotes for allaying guilt, justifying maltreatment; and deflecting their fear of black progression. Their only remedy for bolstering white-power and superiority. I submit that these are hardly the actions of a superior race—there is no superiority in strangling another race so that yours can thrive.

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